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Owner Bolton Matthews learned how to fry from his uncle, who cooked at the famed Princes Hot Chicken and opened his own shack in the eighties before passing on the familys secret sauce to his nephew. The floured fish fillets, served between two slices of white bread, are doused with enough heat to make your eyes water without burning off your taste buds. Go for traditional catfish, tilapia, or whiting-or choose grouper, which offers a flakier and sweeter base. 624 Main Street; boltonsspicy.com Bullys Restaurant: Jackson, MS Theres no denying the care that pours in from every corner of Bullys. Owner Tyrone Bully, who is at the restaurant every day from 6 a.m. until closing time, built this brick neighborhood joint from the ground up alongside his father in the eighties. The staff still follow the recipes set by Bullys first cook, Ma Pearl, more than 30 years ago. And while the fresh veggies are a draw-its not unusual to dine next to employees peeling sweet potatoes and stripping greens-its the smothered pork necks, turkey necks, and oxtails drenched in peppery gravy that reign supreme. Served on an old-school, red cafeteria tray, the vegetable plate from Bullys mixes meaty flavors with classic vegetables. For $4.50, take advantage of an entree that includes fresh collards cooked with onions and spiced with cayenne pepper, a hearty mixture of turnip and mustard greens, and smoked cabbage. Polish off your meal with a melt-in-your-mouth cornbread muffin.