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They were eliminated in the second round by the team from Torrey Pines (California) High School, which went on to win the event. Courtesy of Daniel Riecks Members of Durango High Schools El Diablo staff, from left, Seth Marvin-Vanderryn, Harry Steinberg, Blake McClain and Connor Henry, are geared up for a Quiz Bowl at the National High School Journalism Convention in Los Angeles. They were eliminated in the second round by the team from Torrey Pines (California) High School, which went on to win the event. Eight leaders from the El Diablo newspaper and Toltec yearbook attended the National High School Journalism Convention in Los Angeles, where Durango High School students won sixth place in the broadsheet (Durango Herald-style) newspaper Best in Show competition. More than 4,000 students attended with their advisers, which gave students a chance to learn from their peers and professionals. The students, who attended with adviser Daniel Riecks, sold lollipops and newspaper ads all year to pay for the trip. El Diablo staffers also competed in a Quiz Bowl at the event but were eliminated in the second round by students from Torrey Pines (California) High School, who ended up winning the whole shebang. Overall, what impressed me most with all of these publications was the amount of real journalism that kept the spirit, free speech and voice of the people, one of the judges wrote. Herald Staff

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